Is March our Favourite Month?



The days are getting longer, nature has sprung back to life and it lifts my spirits. What better way to celebrate my favourite month, than to make it your favourite month too.

So, to celebrate our favourite month, I’m giving FREE DELIVERY on all of my ceramics for the whole month of March. Happy Days!

Are there any other reasons for March being so great? Well 8th March is my Birthday. Happy Birthday me, and what a story so far. Heaps of love, joy, sorrow, heartache... and I am constantly grateful to the people who have been a part of it . I wouldn't change any of it.

We also celebrate Mother’s Day in this month as well as International Women’s Day.


So, go treat yourself and have a great March.  PROMO CODE for FREE delivery: HAPPYMARCH

I will deliver anywhere in the world you want it to go…