Has Showcase changed my business?

Holy Bananas! Since attending Showcase my business has taken a whole new and exciting direction

Me - Raquel @ Showcase 2017

Prior to Showcase I started off much the same as many other local artist, by promoting my work like crazy. This rarely comes naturally to a craft worker/artist  so, attending local craft fairs and markets is a great way to get your work out there and my local was Chapel Lane Market in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

But there comes a point when you need to step-up. Time to get help.

Christmas @ The Hunt Museum

Christmas @ The Hunt Museum

I decided to do a business course. Big step. You see I can make and create ceramics until the cows come home, but we all need to make a living and it is no good making lots of lovely ceramics that then just sit in my workshop. The course really helped to shift my beliefs and mindset about selling and marketing and I turned that corner I finally needed to turn giving me the courage to take my work to Showcase. So with the help of LEO Clare I was able to take a stand and go to Dublin with Creative Clay.

Wow. You get to meet some amazing and talented craftspeople and more importantly I met some wonderful retailers who wanted my ceramics in their shops. I was blown away by the reaction to my work, and Iā€™m thrilled that eleven retailers now stock Creative Clay.

So what has changed? The whole structure of my weekly routine has changed. My stride has purpose! I now have to plan carefully each week as to how many pieces I need to make, underglaze, fire, glaze and fire again; whereas before, I was just keeping a simple eye on what was low in stock.

Another change to Creative Clay has been the creation of the online shop. I love it! It has been so easy to update. Even if I don't have an item in stock, you can still order it and it will be given priority and made especially for you, taking approx 4 weeks and you can even request your preferences if you go to my bespoke gift service https://www.creativeclayireland.com/shop/

My website is thanks to the wonderful work of Stephen Wallace of Squared Designer http://squareddesigner.com/ (formerly Lost Studio. I think he has found it now šŸ˜„). He was so professional and had a great eye for colour. The beauty of this package is it included 2 days training on how to maintain my website myself and I am delighted with how straightforward it is.

Busy Day ahead
Busy Day at the Studio