Little Clay Hands

Clay Hands. A lovely keepsake from that precious first year at school

Clay Hands. A lovely keepsake from that precious first year at school

How do you celebrate and capture that treasure of a small child before they head off to ‘big’ school?

At Creative Clay in Shannon we make little hands for preschool children as a big momento of that precious first year at preschool before moving up to big school.

€12 each, or for a group of 8 children or more just €10 each.

If you are close to my workshop at Ballycasey Craft Centre in Shannon and can go on a little outing you can come and visit me at my workshop, if not and you are local I will come visit you with the pre-prepared clay. See contact details below.

How does it work?

Rolled out slabs of clay will be ready for each child to place their hand on while I draw around it. Then if they can and want to they can tell me their name and maybe spell it for me, I can write it on a bit of paper so we know that that hand belongs to them. It's as simple as that and only takes a few minutes.

Later on I will cut out the hand, write the name on the wrist and form it into a cupped hand shape. It is left to dry out and is fired in my kiln. I dip the hands in a clear glaze then it is fired again and should be ready about 2 weeks later depending on demand.  

These little hands can be done for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day or for the end of the school year. Please allow up to 3 weeks prior to occasion when booking to be sure they will be ready in time.

To arrange this for ages 3+ contact me at the following…

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Call : 086-6071815

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