Worth waiting for

“All great achievements require time.” Maya Angelou

The process of making ceramics is what it is, and has been for centuries. The equipment and materials may have evolved and improved but the process never will and that is the beauty of it for me.

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Each final piece starts its journey as a lump of soft wet clay that is rolled out into large slabs from which I cut out the template. It then needs to be left to dry overnight so that it is firm enough to hold it's shape. Every piece of Creative Clay is assembled by hand; every flower and butterfly and my trademark ladybird. It is all then hand painted right down to the dots on those little ladybirds.

Hand Painted Cermics

There is a particular skill in managing clay right through to the firing of it which cannot be rushed, or you will create problems like cracking, warping, or air pockets that will burst in the kiln. And if the clay has not dried out completely before firing it, it can cause explosions in the kiln.

Clay has to be respected, after all, clay is millions of years old.

Each piece is fired twice, and I will only fire the kiln once it is full. The firing process takes up to 11 hours to reach its top temperature of 1220 degrees and then another 10-12 hours to cool enough to safely open the door.

Glaze Kiln all packed and ready to be fired :-)

Glaze Kiln all packed and ready to be fired :-)

No two pieces will ever be the same. There will always be subtle variations in the colours and shapes. Beautiful imperfections.The work is unique to me, because it is created by my hand and there will be evidence of the maker’s hand that gives this work an authenticity which isn’t possible from moulds and mass produced pottery. I respect each stage of the process and I respect the time it takes. Transforming that soft wet lump of clay into something beautiful and permanent for you is my my daily joy.

Selection of Poppy Vase - No two are ever the same!

Selection of Poppy Vase - No two are ever the same!