Beauty, Love & Grief

Ceramics Inspired by Beauty, Love & Grief!

My artwork is inspired by the time and ever-changing landscape around me.

The rugged weathered forms are representative of the erosion and fragility of the landscape and the often-harsh conditions nature creates. Out of darkness, flowers, butterflies and the ladybird are a reminder of the beauty and strength that surrounds us, and that life will always find a way to adapt to the conditions facing it.

This is reflected in our own lives. As our bodies age we become more worn and fragile, sometimes dealing with disease, disability or grief. We each have our own harsh conditions to deal with but remember your inner flowers, butterflies and ladybirds, the life and beauty within us all. We do our best to calm the storms inside, and we can adapt and change to suit the conditions surrounding us.

When my father and brother both passed away from colon cancer in 2014 & 2015, I watched their bodies breakdown and deteriorate and I watched myself and my loved ones adapt and cope with this life changing experience. I will never forget the love and respect that was shown amongst my family, friends & neighbours. It was a truly heartwarming experience.

Nothing ever stays the same. We can never go back but we can learn to live despite pain and with even just a little light the darkness will dissipate