Pink Ribbon


Donate to Breast Cancer Research by Adding a Pink Ribbon.

Simply select the ‘Large with Pink Ribbon Added’ in the shop Here and I donate 20% to NCBRI

I think we all know someone who has been affected by Cancer in Ireland. For me it was my Dad and Brother. I lost both of them to Colon Cancer in 2014 & 2015. I watched their bodies breakdown and deteriorate and I watched myself and my loved ones adapt and cope with this life changing experience. I will never forget the love and respect that was shown amongst my family, friends & neighbours. It was a truly heartwarming experience. The staff and volunteers involved in Cancer Care really are exceptional people who make all our journeys and transitions much easier.

For this reason I thought as one of my vases is Pink I would give you the option to add a Pink Ribbon to it so we can show our appreciation to the NCBRI. SHOP NOW

Monies raised from this sale will support the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI), a national charity based in Galway who fundraise to support teams of researchers based at the Lambe Institute of Translational Research at NUI, Galway lead by Professor Michael Kerin.

Donations to NBCRI are currently helping the research team advance its work focused on personalized medicine, breast regeneration, innovative diagnostics and therapeutics. 

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